Passion since 2010. Blog since 2013. The interests never stops. That is how makanArts is formed.

makanArts is a portmanteau of two words: makan translates to “eat” in Malay and arts, which loosely translate to the art of eating. We hope that you can enjoy the different styles and types of foods being featured here! You can find a food review for the food lovers, be it in Singapore or overseas! We will review food places that we come across, whether restaurant or not (although our specialty is more towards cafes & restaurants)!

Here to find a flat review? You have found the correct place! This is for people who are interested to purchase a new or a resale HDB flat who wants to look into the details without having to go on site! Coming soon!

Our former working name is The Urban City Explorer. On 12th August 2013, we have changed our name to makanArts to better reflect the website’s emphasis on food. Reviews other than food will still be maintained though.

This place is also open to requests! Any interesting food place that you want it to be reviewed or HDB flats to look into? No worries, just have it requested and it will be looked into! All photos and articles are copyrighted © to The Urban City Explorer / makanArts. Please send in a request via email (can be found in About page) if you require to use any of the photos or articles for public purposes.

We are available on OpenRice as urbancityexplorer, HungryGoWhere as makanarts & Yelp as makanarts! Do search for us there!


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