The Mama Shop – 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace

1/10/2014 – 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace used to housed the former Police Operational Headquarters. With the move to Police Cantonment Complex not far from here, this place become vacant but got occupied for office usage few years back. With a small amount of snack shops and takeaway kiosks available there, it’s no wonder a retro-looking cafe that pays tribute to the past will be opened there – The Mama Shop, which is opened by MediaCorp actresses Felicia Chin, Sora Ma and 2 other friends.


The menu. Currently at its soft launch, it only features waffles, burgers, certain pastries, cakes (sourced from online order bakery The Ugly Cake Shop) and a small selection of drinks but come the official launch next week, do expect them to introduce more items into their menu!

For a start, complimentary wheel snacks and iced gem biscuits are served!

The Peanut Prince ($4.50) is probably The Mama Shop’s take on peanut smoothie. It is full both on flavour and taste, but could do with a bit more sweetness.
IMG_1001The Peanut Prince

For Takoyaki lovers, the Okaasan Waffles ($4.90) is a must order. The waffles are crispy and the mix of the savoury seaweed chicken with the takoyaki sauce and bonito flakes, makes this an slightly less filling alternative to the octopus balls while achieving the same taste.
IMG_1010Okaasan Waffles

The Messy Messy Nice Nice Mama Burger ($10.90) consist of a New Zealand beef patty with melted gouda cheese and caramelized onion mushrooms, topped with grilled buns and served with tofu sticks. The tofu sticks are great and crispy. The bun, on the other hand, is too hard to cut into. The beef patty tasted not too bad and is briefly enhanced by the gouda cheese and the mushrooms.
IMG_1013Messy Messy Nice Nice Mama Burger

Located at a more secluded corner of town, this place may be hard to access via the main road, though there is a back gate from People’s Park Complex that leads to 195 Pearl Hill Terrace. If you are around the Outram Park / Chinatown area, why not visit this place for a quiet respite?

Food: 7.0/10 (great waffles and drinks, good burgers)
Ambience: 7.6/10 (nicely decorated)
Comfort: 7.6/10 (ample seating and well spaced)
Service: 7.6/10 (great service)

The Mama Shop
195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace
Singapore 168976
Operating Hours: Unknown; Not fixed
Tel : –

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