Da Zhong Cafe – Block 105 Hougang Ave 1 (Hainanese Village Centre)

7/1/2014 – Ever thought how does the coffee shops and hawker centres produces coffee at affordable prices? It is via the old and traditional method of brewing coffee and filtering it through the “socks”, attached to the flasks. As most places has already switched to using steel flasks, Da Zhong Cafe continue to use brass flasks.


The Kopi-O ($0.60) is excellent as it tasted strong and bitter (the traditional way). Great kopi at a cheap price, this is definitely one of the better ones out there.

The Steamed Bread with Kaya & Butter ($1) is also something to order. Usually not sold elsewhere nowadays, the steamed bread was soft and fluffy with excessive kaya & butter. Thumbs up for this as well!
DSCF1152Steamed Bread with Kaya & Butter

With such traditional kopi sellers being a banishing trade, it is great to order a cup of kopi and a slice of bread to relieve memories if you are around the Kovan area.

Food: 8.1/10 (great kopi and bread)
Ambience: 7.4/10 (hawker centre)
Comfort: 7.4/10 (hawker centre seating; ample seating)
Service: 7.7/10 (great service)
Total: 30.6/40

Da Zhong Cafe
Block 105 Hougang Ave 1
#02-20 (Hainanese Village Centre)
Singapore 530105
Operating Hours: 5am – 2pm (Tues – Sun)
Tel: +65 9875 5309
Website: https://www.facebook.com/DaZhongCafe

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