The Audacious Cakery – Block 2 Everton Park

6/1/2014 – After having my coffee at Cozy Corner Coffee, I went to The Audacious Cakery. Opened a year ago, they specialise in not only cakes and tarts, but also cupcakes, macaroons and certain savory bakes.



The menu is rather extensive here although the place is quite small.

The Chocolate Souffle Tart ($6.80) is initially shown to be off the shelves but luckily they still had a few left in the kitchen (goes to show how famous these tarts are). Have it warmed up. It also comes with a layer of nuts on top. The chocolate tastes rich and even more with every bite. It is invigorating to have especially since it complements well with the souffle.

You can see how the chocolate is oozing out of the souffle!
DSCF1145Chocolate Souffle Tart

If you are around Everton Park, consider coming to this place for its good selection of great tasting bakes!

Food: 8.1/10 (great bakes)
Ambience: 7.6/10 (simple decoration)
Comfort: 7.4/10 (ample seating; slightly cramped seating)
Service: 7.8/10 (great service provided)
Total: 30.9/40

The Audacious Cakery
Block 2 Everton Park
Singapore 080002
Operating Hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon – Sat)
Tel: +65 6223 3047
Website: or

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