Woo Ricebox – Ocean Financial Centre

16/12/2013 – Ever feeling like having a ricebox whenever you are in Taiwan? Good news, it’s now available in Singapore. The leading ricebox chain in Taiwan, Woo Ricebox, has opened its first outlet in Ocean Financial Centre. The outlet here is managed by Royal T Group, who also manages leading milk tea chain Gong Cha.



The Woo Pork Chop Rice Box ($8.30), Homemade Wintermelon Tea ($2.20, $1 if add-on to ricebox) is great. The premium short-grain rice is specially imported from Chihshang, and comes with seasonal vegetables, pickles, half a braised egg and a main meat item (in this case being the pork chop). The portion of the pork chop is big and it is also meaty and juicy. Their wintermelon tea is also homemade and is refreshing to have while having the ricebox. One thing to note is the food is slightly on the dry side (which should be the case to prevent the food from getting soggy, especially when you are travelling around so your food will still taste great after that)
DSCF0879Woo Pork Chop Rice Box, Homemade Wintermelon Tea

Remember to clear your trays after your food!

To get a reminisce of Taiwanese food, do come here as this place does it close enough to the riceboxes you can get in transit while in Taiwan.

Food: 7.7/10 (great ricebox and drink)
Ambience: 7.1/10 (well-lit)
Comfort: 7.4/10 (ample seating)
Service: 7.8/10 (self-service)
Total: 30/40

Woo Ricebox
10 Collyer Quay
#B1-03/05 Ocean Financial Centre
Singapore 049315
Operating Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Fri), 11am – 3pm (Sat)
Tel: +65 6636 8101
Website: https://www.facebook.com/wooricebox

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