Alif Restaurant – Block 374 Bukit Batok St 31

9/11/2013 – Bukit Gombak is a quiet town within Bukit Batok New Town. Besides it being well connected by an MRT station (which it only needs), it is also home to Alif Restaurant, a 24 hours Muslim restaurant.


The menu here is extensive, and the shop spans across a few shop spaces (until McDonald’s was in between the shop spaces)

First to order is the Teh Tarik ($1.20). This should never be left out as this place does it great.
DSCF0340Teh Tarik

How can you not order prata here? The Egg Prata ($1.50) & Cheese Prata ($2) are great to satisfy your prata cravings!
DSCF0341Egg & Cheese Prata

The indian-style Maggi Goreng ($4) is slightly spicy and savoury, much to my taste. The portion was just right too.
IMG_1717Maggi Goreng

If you are around Bukit Gombak, this place can fulfill your stomach’s requirements, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Food: 7.9/10 (great food and teh tarik)
Ambience: 7/10 (well-lit and filled with dinner/supper crowd)
Comfort: 7.3/10 (ample seating; coffee-shop style seats)
Service: 6.6/10 (rather slow and less attentive to customers with more crowd)
Total: 28.8/40

Alif Restaurant
Block 374 Bukit Batok St 31
Singapore 650374
Operating Hours: 24 Hours
Tel: +65 6564 6324
Website: –

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