Maple & Market – Block 34 Cassia Crescent

10/11/2013 – Although this place opened earlier than Brawn & Brains (the place to get my coffee boost if I’m around the area), I have not visited this place until today. Opened along one of the HDB flats at Old Airport, the whitish exterior is sure to arouse people especially drivers (it is facing a T-junction)





They even have baking lessons here! Half of the shop space is used for this purpose.

The Cappuccino ($4.50) is thick and has the right amount of milk added.

The Flat White ($4.50) is rather thick and has the right amount of milk added to it. I would prefer this over the Cappuccino for its milder use of espresso, yet maintaining its thickness of the coffee.
DSCF0352Flat White

The Blossom ($5.50) is a rose cake with raspberry cream cheese and caramelised pistachios, topped with a raspberry. Being one of their best sellers, this will not disappoint. The rose taste was rather mild tasting, although this was covered by the raspberry cream cheese, which tasted sweet and creamy. It is also rather soft.

If you are around the Old Airport area, this place is a great and quiet alternative to get a cup of coffee (the other being Brawn & Brains, which, in my opinion, offers the best coffee to date)

Food: 8.0/10 (great coffee and cake)
Ambience: 7.7/10 (simple set-up; quiet environment)
Comfort: 6.9/10 (lack of seating spaces)
Service: 7.8/10 (self-service; fast and helpful)
Total: 30.4/40

Maple & Market
Block 34 Cassia Crescent
Singapore 390034
Operating Hours: 12pm – 8pm (Mon), 12pm – 9pm (Wed – Fri), 10.30am – 10pm (Sat – Sun)
Tel: +65 6348 8068

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