Lynn’s Cakes & Coffee – 11 Eng Kong Terrace

29/11/2013 – Hearing about another addition to the Eng Kong Terrace area, I came down to Lynn’s Cakes & Coffee to look at its operating hours (I was there only around 9.15pm and thought it may be closed) and ended up going in after realising it was opened still (there was a huge crowd by that time still)!


A shelf of books on one side

There wasn’t much selection to choose from by then (but still great though!)

The Red Velvet Cake ($6) is one of their best sellers. True enough, it stands out to its selling crowd. It tries out for a medium between chocolate, vanilla and cream cheese, which although it tastes slightly more vanilla than chocolate, it succeeds in doing so. Probably one of the best red velvet cakes I’ve had for quite a while.
IMG_1819Red Velvet Cake

As this place is more known for their cakes, their coffees doesn’t really stand out. The Flat White ($5) here is less milky and tasted slightly burnt (although the milky nearly covered the burnt taste). I don’t really mind though as I’m here more for the cakes!

If you are around the area looking for something to snack on, this place will certain be a good addition to your list!

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Necessary Provisions

Food: 7.8/10 (great cakes but coffee can be improved)
Ambience: 7.7/10 (simplistic)
Comfort: 8.2/10 (ample seating; cozy)
Service: 8.1/10 (great service)
Total: 31.8/30

Lynn’s Cakes & Coffee
11 Eng Kong Terrace
Singapore 598983
Operating Hours: Will only be made known after a period of time. Currently opening every day from morning (around 10am) till late (8pm or later dependent on crowd)
Tel: +65 9023 4678

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