Forty Hands – Block 78 Yong Siak St

26/10/13 – Tiong Bahru had been a hot place to visit, not because it is rich in culture, but most recently the emergence of new cafes that was introduced in the area (the pre-war flats aka SIT flats), taking over quite a number of shops that were operated by older generations shop owners that decided to change hands and retiring.

I brought my friend around the area (who has not visited this cluster before) to take a look around. Forty Hands is one of the pioneering cafes to change the scene in Tiong Bahru.



For a start, the regular Cappuccino ($5) is one not to be missed. Rich in taste but not too overwhelming in terms of bitterness (they use Fairtrade coffee beans!) and added with the right amount of milk, I felt that it was just right for me. Coffee is something this place is popular for, so trying is believing!

The Truffle Fries ($8, $6 if purchased with a main course) is also something to order here. One of the cheaper truffle fries around, it is nonetheless crispy and tasted great (although I felt Arbite’s truffle fries was better)
DSCF0105Truffle Fries

As we came during a Saturday dinner, only the gourmet hotdog selections and certain sandwiches were available.

The Big Bang ($15) is one of the gourmet hotdog. It is made with scrambled eggs, bolognese, sour cream and bacon accompanying the guinness beef and pork sausage. This accompanies well with beer (I was having coffee so I had skipped that)
DSCF0098The Big Bang

The Ang Mo Classic ($12) is also another gourmet hotdog which looked like a normal hotdog meal except that this came with cheese and gherkins and smeared with mustard and ketchup. You know what to have with for a complete enjoyment.

Overall, this is a great place to come to if you are having brunch or a late night dinner around the area.

Food: 7.8/10 (great food)
Ambience: 8.1/10 (great ambience)
Comfort: 8/10 (cozy seating)
Service: 7.6/10 (fast service)
Total: 31.5/40

Forty Hands
Block 78 Yong Siak St
Singapore 163078
Operating Hours: 8am – 7pm (Tues – Thurs, Sun), 8am – 10pm (Fri & Sat)
Tel: +65 6225 8545

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