iSushi – Block 57 New Upp Changi Road

30/6/2013 – Me and X met on yet another Sunday. Deciding to try neighbourhood restaurants this time round, I recommended iSushi which was nested at Bedok South. It operates as a simple seating counter with a table outside and a small corner where you can choose the sushis that you want to buy. The charm of this restaurant is that the owner infuses local delights into the sushis. Interesting indeed.

The Chilli Crab Sushi ($2) is one of them. The taste of the chilli crab was there, albeit not too strong.
DSCF9099Chilli Crab Sushi

The Unagi Sushi is also full on flavour. It is very much comparable to other sushi chains, with this being the better and cheaper alternative.
DSCF9100Unagi Sushi

The California Roll was not too bad also.
DSCF9103California Roll

The Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak and Otah Sushi ($2.50) is yet another infusion of local food into the sushi. One thing about the sushis is that they are made in detail; the Chicken Rice sushi was made using chicken rice instead of the normal sushi rice, as do the Nasi Lemak and Otah Sushi, both using normal rice, although a bit of coconut flavur could be tasted. Definitely an must order if you want to try local flavour at cheap prices without filling up your stomach too much.
DSCF9104Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak and Otah Sushi

The Hana Maki is probably one of the best sushi here. The salmon was flavourful and with the mayo, it tasted even better.
DSCF9106Hana Maki

The Assorted Maki are great too, although not awe-inspiring.
DSCF9108Assorted Maki

The Teriyaki Salmon Bento ($6) is also a cheap alternative to other Japanese bento sets offered in other restaurants and food courts. It comes with a chawanmushi (which I initially expected it will come with a miso soup instead). The salmon tasted not bad, although it was rather stiff. The rice was rather sweet, something that I didn’t really like as I wasn’t use to having rice that sweet. The chawanmushi is nice to have as its not too overpowering. Eggy and smooth, it was steamed to just the right amount of silkyness. The kani (crabstick) and jelly (cocktail jelly) was rather normal in my opinion.
DSCF9116Teriyaki Salmon Bento

If you want Japanese food yet you want to avoid the crowd, this is a nice place to come to in the neighbourhood!

Food: 8/10 (different variety of sushis that is rich in taste)
Ambience: 7/10 (small shop with a sushi take-away counter)
Comfort: 7/10 (limited seating)
Service: 7.5/10 (fast service)
Total: 29.5/40

Block 57 New Upp Changi Road
Singapore 461057
Operating Hours: 8am – 8.30pm
Tel: +65 6242 8652

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