16/6/2013 – Jurong – a upcoming central hub of the west, had a new mall opened on Saturday! JEM boasts unique shops that are usually only found in the city area. Feeling like coming here, me and X came here to take a look around on the 2nd day of opening, 16/6/2013. We found ourself a restaurant selling Turkish food that X wanted to try because it was selling kebab. We didn’t met K for quite some time so we asked him to have dinner with us as well.

Most of the foods on the menu were unavailable. Thus, we 3 shared these 3 dishes.

First up, we had Savory Chicken Kebab ($10.90++). These were really savory, although slightly hard to chew off. The butter rice was fragrant and complemented well with the kebab.
DSCF9042Savory Chicken Kebab

Next up, the Chunky Beef Kebab ($11.90++). As per the namesake, the kebab is chunky and sliced finely into thin pieces. These were chewy and tasted rich on flavour. Well complemented with the butter rice too.
DSCF9044Chunky Beef Kebab

Lastly, the Baked Chicken with Butter Rice ($13.90++). Oven baked, the chicken was well cooked and tender. The sauce well accomodated the chicken. Also well accomodated with the chicken rice.
IMG_0820Baked Chicken with Butter Rice

The Turkish Lemonade ($3.50++) is garnished with mint leaves, giving it a cooling taste.
DSCF9046Turkish Lemonade

Me and X also shared a Sade Ice Cream ($15.90). Named My Way, it consists of 5 flavours: Mango, Raspberry, Sade, Hazelnut and Pistachio. It felt more like sorbet than ice cream. The taste was unique when compared to other sorbets/ice creams. The flavour and taste are stronger, which made both of us scooping up mouthfuls consecutively.
DSCF9048My Way

I will definitely come to this place, but only at a later time (just to make sure they have the items on the menu so that we can try the next time we go there!)

For the review according to X’s perspective, click here for jiaksimipng’s website and here for his article.

Food: 9/10 (food well executed)
Ambience: 8/10 (well furnished)
Comfort: 8/10 (quaint and spacious)
Service: 7/10 (fast service but could do better in informing customers that certain foods in the menu is out)
Total: 31/40

50 Jurong Gateway Road
#01-04 JEM
Singapore 609690
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm
Tel: –

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