Department of Caffeine – 15 Duxton Road

Duxton is home to a wide-range of homegrown restaurants. On 16/6/2013, me and X decided to go to this restaurant which is only open 2 months back.

We had the Churros & Chocolate ($12). These were coated with cinnamon sugar and served with kahlua-spiked chocolate sauce. The churros tasted slightly crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and taste good on its own. I prefer it along with the chocolate sauce. Dip it into the chocolate sauce and put it into the mouth. Oh! The churros melts in the mouth, shadowed by the taste of chocolate. Nicely made indeed.
DSCF9028Churros & Chocolate

I had the Brioche French Toast ($15). It was filled with maple syrup bananas and serve with vanilla yoghurt, toasted almonds and blueberries. This is the kind of food I really like. The french toast was soft (likely due to the bananas being stuffed into the toast) and the egg and butter taste is very delectable. Every mouthful made me happier.
DSCF9015Brioche French Toast

I had the Long Black ($4.50). Not my style to have coffee like this, but I found it too strong (and slightly sour?) for my liking.
DSCF9026Long Black

X had the Mushroom Medley ($14.50). These were sauteed with white wine & herbs on brioche toast topped with a sunny side up. The sauteed mushroom tasted very nice and made the whole dish appetising. The toast was the same as the French Toast, minus the stuffed bananas.
DSCF9021Mushroom Medley

He also had the Flat White ($5).
DSCF9020Flat White

We also had the Honey & Lavender Teacake ($5). The smell of the lavender is very strong. Very nice and also in a rather big portion, although the taste of the honey was not very apparent, at all.
DSCF9031Honey & Lavender Teacake

If you want to visit a nice place to chill, dine and relax with a cup of coffee, Department of Caffeine will be your best bet! Best recommended to be accompanied with the food!

For the review according to X’s perspective, click here for jiaksimipng’s website and here for his article.

Food: 9/10 (food nicely executed)
Ambience: 9/10 (well furnished according to the theme of the restaurant)
Comfort: 8/10 (slightly squeezy)
Service: 8.5/10 (fast service)
Total: 34.5/40

Department of Caffeine
15 Duxton Road
Singapore 089481
Operating Hours: 10.30am – 7.30pm (Weekdays), 9.30am – 7.30pm (Weekends)
Tel: +65 6223 3426

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