PS Bakery & Bistro – Block 82 Macpherson Lane

On 4/5/2013, me and X went to PS Bakery & Bistro for lunch. I decided that today’s lunch should be a budget one which I suggested this place to him. A simple place upon entering, the place sell mainly western food, but also sells ramen and donburi, at affordable prices.

X had the Premium Set ($9.90), which consists of any main course, any selection of drinks and a regular soup. He was served a regular bowl of mushroom soup.

I had the Basic Set ($6.90), which consists of baked rices/pizza/rolls, a Home Brewed Ice Lemon Tea and a small mushroom soup.

Our soups were serve with Chef Pepper!

I had the Chicken Baked Rice ($5.90, a-la-carte). The cheese was rather filling and accompanied well with the slightly buttered rice.

The Home Brewed Ice Lemon Tea ($1.50, a-la-carte) tasted as what it should be.

X ordered a Chicken Chop ($6.90, a-la-carte). The chicken chop tasted not bad and similar to western food stalls in coffee shops. The mashed potatos was fluffy and tasted very good! I sneaked in a few bites because it was really that nice!

I wouldn’t expect Ciabatta Toast with Cheese Garden Galore ($2.50) to be sold here as it is not commonly sold elsewhere. It was very crispy and well matched with the melted cheese. Very well-made.

X’s Cappuccino ($2.90, a-la-carte) then finally came.

If you are around this area, this place can be considered for its good food and affordable prices.

For the review according to X’s perspective, click here for jiaksimipng’s website and here for his article.

Food: 7.5/10 (food quite good, variety is there for a small establishment)
Ambience: 6/5/10 (simple place)
Comfort: 7/10 (rather squeezy but acceptable because of space constraints in the shop)
Service: 8/10 (accomodating services, value for money)
Total: 29/40

PS Bakery & Bistro
Block 82 Macpherson Lane
Singapore 360082
Operating Hours: 11am – 8.30pm (Closed on Mondays)
Tel: +65 6841 6802

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